There isn't much to say, that you can't already see for yourself right this second.

What makes a Good website design?

One which is built to target the customers you want and need to patronize your business. These potential customers should be able to find you quickly and easily on search engines, easily find what they're looking for on your website, and be compelled to contact you for business.

What makes a Great website design?

This is what separates the you above the rest. A site that has the look and feel of your business. One which is easy to read on any device (more than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices!). So the site must be responsive and mobile friendly. And it must be done in a way that will land you on the 1st page of Google for your target keywords.

Anyone can build a website. Very few give the time and attention to make the investment work for them.

Can't I just build my own site on Wix or Squarespace for free?

Of course! But nothing screams unprofessional like not having your own domain for Your business. You'll also lose the benefit of having your own email addresses (such as And when is the last time you saw a website on the first page of a keyword google search?!

While you may feel you can "get by" on a cookie cutter website, you're setting yourself and your business up for failure. Your site should stop your potential customers in their tracks and compel them to call you immediately. They must have what you offer, right now. The cookie cutter free websites just do not give you that.

What next?

Stop what you're doing now, and give us a call or text! You can have the site your business needs, right now. (443) 600-2720

How much does it cost?

We base the total cost of a website on the hours it will take to complete it. A basic website for a small business, logo, artwork, etc., typically take between 30 and 40 man hours to build from start to finish. Our hourly rate is $80/hour. The cost of domain registration from a site like  GoDaddy is about $15/year. And hosting from GoDaddy averages $70-$100/year. These are necessary evils that will more than pay for themselves once your site is up and running.

Many variables affect the time a particular design will take though. For instance, wanting an eCommerce store versus a basic site can add many more hours onto the project. An eComm store may need a professional photographer to handle taking product photos and editing and formatting them for web use. You may need a third party to integrate your inventory, SKU's, and accounting into your site to automate the process further.

While it may all sound overwhelming, no project is tackled without a plan. And no plan will be implemented that doesn't show the costs and timelines involved. And finally, every plan will highlight a positive return on investment to ensure your site is Working for You.