Paper jams and error're not welcome here! If your printer can't connect to your computer, isn't printing properly, or just flat out won't print a thing, then have us swing by to get that paper moving.

How much does it cost?

Printer Troubleshooting is $120. That does not include any parts that may be needed to fix a physically damaged printer, and does not include any amount of ink. We recommend buying ink from Amazon, can't beat those prices AND TWO DAY SHIPPING!

How long will it take?

Whenever we get called to troubleshoot a printer, it typically takes us about an hour to get things sorted out.

What do you do?

We start from scratch! If you have the printer installed already, we uninstall it and begin from step 1 of the manufactures instructions. You can soooo do this yourself right now and may find really great success! From there we use the printers built in diagnostic tools and lastly, if it comes to it, we open the printer up to check for mechanical damage, missing spings, etc.

Most commonly, it just wasn't installed right in the first place, or there is a software conflict causing the printer to stop working.