Got some new gear but need help getting it up and running properly? We've got you covered. From printers to external hard drives, we know our tech!

What is it?

Simple. A hardware or software installation is when you need help installation a new piece of equipment (such as a hard drive, or RAM or monitor), or a new program called software.

How much does it cost?

$20.00 as an add-on service if we are already at your site.

Add a twist?

You'll already be paying for our time and expertise to be on-site and complete your hardware or software installation. Why not lean in close and let us teach you along the way!

This isn't rocket science and you're More than able to do this with your own two hands with a little guidance and support from us. We will gladly help you learn these types of things for yourself, so the next time you have equipment or programs to install, you'll be able to rock it yourself!

We promise, it won't bug us a bit if you want to learn a little through the process. We love when people become as passionate about the technology as us.