Uh-oh! If you've wound up here, something went terribly wrong in your computer world! But don't stress, there are some steps you need to take right this second to:

1) Not cause any more damage, and

2) Increase the chances of your data being recovered.

Follow our advice and your data can be recovered for as little as $450.00 and a few hours of your time.

What to do right now?

If you are currently using the computer that data was deleted from, write our number down, stop surfing the internet and shut the computer down immediately!

By continuing to use the computer, you're increasing the chance of that file or files being written over and gone forever.

Still here?

Okay, if your're still here, we are assuming you're on a different device than the one with the deleted data problem. It's time to write down everything you remember about your important data.

Is it just one file? Where was it last saved? Did you delete it, or did it just disappear? What was the filename?

Is it all of your data, such as when you have a total system crash?

Is your computer or hard drive making any weird noises? If so, shut it down immediately, this requires us to send the device to a special "clean-room" recovery service. Since using typical 'software' recovery methods will just further destroy your data, these folks disassemble the hard drive and expertly replace the components inside. Prices for this level of recovery starts at $600.

What's next?

A phone call or text message, or course! This isn't something we can do remotely, so we will have to send a technician to your home or business. A quick call or text, a written quote, an appointment, then boom! You've got your data back!