Just like your car or truck, your computer requires occasional "Oil Changes" too!

What's the benefit?

After a computer tune-up, your machine will run Better than the day you bought it. That's not a joke or hype.

Computers, fresh from the store, come pre-loaded with enormous amounts of garbage. Links for auction services, brand specific "accelerators" and monitors running in the background- all stealing resources from the processor and RAM. We do away with the garbage and much more!

How much more?

I thought you'd never ask! We install the latest windows service pack and updates. Update anti-virus. Update all your drivers (graphics, audio, chipset, etc.) Optimize power settings, scan and fix hard drive and registry errors, defragment the hard drive if it needs it. Update vulnerable software like Adobe Air, flash, reader and shockwave. Microsoft.NET framework, silverlight and Java.

Then the magic happens when we delete unwanted programs and applications, delete temporary system and application files, delete browsing history and cookies, remove unwanted startup programs, remove unwanted toolbars from web browsers and disable unwanted system services!

Finally we clean the computer chassis of any dust, blow out the keyboard and wipe the monitor clean of any fingerprints.

How much does it cost?

Can you believe we offer ALL OF THAT, forĀ $120.00 on-site?!

How long does it take?

A full computer tune-up on site takes roughly an hour depending on the current state of the computer. Actions such as Defragging (which we do if the drive is more than 15% fragmented) can add to the time a tune-up takes to complete.