Virus and Spyware Removal

By far our most common requested service. If you're computer is acting funny, slow or displaying an "infected" warning message, click here.

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Internet Problems

Internet problems are just the worst, am I right?! We need to solve this problem in person, let's make it happen.

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Data Recovery

Computer crashed and worried you lost all your stuff?! We can help, but it's important you click here first to know the proper steps going forward to ensure a successful recovery.

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Computer Tune-up

Just like your car or truck, your computer requires regular "oil changes" too. Learn more about how we can help maintain your home computer.

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Hardware or Software Install

Got some new gear but need help getting it up and running properly? We've got you covered. From printers to external hard drives, we know our tech! Click here to get started.

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Diagnostic Service

Not quite sure what the problem is, or what service is needed to fix it? You need a diagnostic service. Check it out here.

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Is your problem not listed here?

We will need a quick phone call or text to talk about solving your problem. Chances are, if it's technology related, we can help. (443) 600-2720