Virus, Spyware, Bluescreen, OH MY! If things are acting funny on your home computer, click here. We will fix you in a jiffy!

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Small Business

Few things are more aggravating than trying to run a business, and technology being the speed bump. Let us be your affordable, part-time IT guy. Click here to view services and prices to get your business back on plan.

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It's the last thing you need

We get it. Money is tight, Christmas is coming, kids needs shoes and daddy needs a new 30' Sea Ray center console. You're in luck- we aren't out to wring you dry of your hard earned money. You've got a problem and we have solutions that we think you'll find really fair and reasonable. MCG is a small, local, veteran owned business- and we value the sort of relationship that can be built between a go-to repair guy and his community. Let us show you.

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Call or Text (seriously, texting about this stuff is wicked convenient!) but we don't mind talking either. (443) 600-2720