Home Computer Repair

Virus, Spyware, Bluescreen, OH MY! If things are acting funny on your home computer, click here. We will fix you in a jiffy!

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Small Business

Few things are more aggravating than trying to run a business, and technology being the speed bump. Let us be your affordable, part-time IT guy. Click here to view services and prices to get your business back on plan.

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Website Design

Look around... It's simple, it's clean and it's talking to you right now! If you want a website that can deliver your message with finesse, and outrank your competitors- Call us.

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Since 1993

Computer Repair in Maryland

Whether you use your computer to work from home, have students that need to complete homework or you just need to find out what is going on in downtown Baltimore this weekend, you need your computer. Consequently, nothing can put a damper on your day quicker than a computer that begins freezing up or is lagging in response time. And you know it will only get worse until you have it repaired. But where can you get it fixed fast?

Maryland Computer Guy is the place to call for computer repair in Maryland. Our technicians have been trained and certified on both PC and Mac repair and most repairs can be quickly performed either remotely, or on-site. Due to our expertise, we provide a fast diagnosis of the problem, and as a result offer repair solutions to get your computer back up and online in no time.


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